About me

I come from the beautiful historic city Krakow in the very heart of Europe. I was born in 1969 and studied at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts. I completed my diploma under the supervision of Professor Marian Konieczny in 1996.

For as long as I can remember, my parents always made me aware of beauty. My childhood was full of nature trips and visits to museums.

I have always wanted to express myself through colour, but it is the spatial form that has allowed me to fully depict my world. I sculpt women, or rather my reminiscences of them.  I am interested in the spatial systems, movements and emotions that encapsulate women.

Using a variety of visual media, I try to capture the contours of women’s bodies. This is the world in which I live.

I already have a number of national exhibitions to my name and have participated in numerous art fairs, for example Barcelona in 2017 and 2018 and Paris in 2019.

There are no eternal truths and binding views in art. There are only sacred obsessions … and an uncompromising need to express them.

What distinguishes Anna Pazdalska’s work is her ability to distance herself from both the intrusiveness of prevailing trends and fashions in art and from the pressures exerted by the established models and patterns of tradition. It is this constructive sense of distance, rather than confrontation, that shaped Anna’s fundamental understanding of the essence of sculpture and the specificity of the language underlying this means of expression. It led to the emergence of her own, very precise and highly convincing definition of its meaning, one that is more pertinent and modern. Fully conscious of the situation in which art found itself at the postmodern crossroads, in which it was devoid of any organizing elements, fixed points of reference or criteria, Anna Pazdalska focused instead on the values of individual talent, intuition, freedom, and the right to self-determination.

Prof. Bogusz Salwiński